Soon, Nebraskan vehicle owners will be able to receive vehicle renewal notices via text messaging.

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles announced the plans last week as both a cost-saving measure for the state and a convenience for residents.

"This is a great way state government can use technology to provide customer-friendly service for the people of Nebraska," said Governor Pete Ricketts in a statement. "As the number of Nebraskans who use this service increase, the cost savings for taxpayers will increase as well."

Prior to this program, the state sent notifications through traditional mail, which costs the state millions in production costs and postage. Despite launching an online vehicle registration system in 2008, the department still relied on snail mail. Now the new system, which the state dubbed eNotice, will automatically direct customers to the existing online registration system for quicker and more efficient renewals.

"Whether our drivers are from the rural or urban areas of Nebraska, we want to provide every convenience for our drivers to save time and resources. The online renewal eNotice application provides drivers with a renewal notification and enables users to open their renewal and immediately renew for another year," said Nebraska DMV director Rhonda Lahm in a statement.

Residents can sign up on the Nebraska DMV website. Once established, users will have the options to change their contact information as needed or cancel the service and return to paper mail if they so choose. Those who don't elect to opt in will still receive physical mail notifications.

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