When electing to add text message marketing to your overall marketing strategy, your costs will immediately decrease, even in some ways that you might not have originally expected. Here are five ways bulk SMS will help lower your costs:

  • Reduced printing costs. An increase of bulk SMS messages means that you will have fewer physical ads. Whether those ads were produced directly by you or printed in a magazine or newspaper, you will save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on printing and placing those ads.
  • No need for costly designs. One of the best things about text message marketing is that it immediately levels the playing field. Companies only have 160 or fewer characters to work with in SMS, allowing for greater focus and directness in their messaging. While the content of those messages are important, they are far less expensive than designing visual ads.
  • Less time consuming than alternatives. The time it takes to prep, create and send mass text messages is much less than other marketing alternatives, freeing up you and your employees for other duties.
  • Better customer service. Text messaging is an emerging platform for customer service. Many requests can be automated through text messaging, creating a better experience for your customers. This also allows your customer service personnel to better focus on more time-consuming issues.
  • No more missed appointments. If your business relies on customer appointments, like a medical office or spa, then you know how costly a missed appointment can be. With bulk SMS, appointment reminders can be sent out, ensuring that you have fewer customer no-shows.

A powerful SMS gateway can help you leverage the buying power of your SMS subscribers.