Whether your business is large or small, if you have an online presence it's important to validate users. Whether these authentication steps avert identity theft or prevent automated "bots" from creating accounts on your site, it's important to prove the usership is genuine. Most Internet users have experienced the annoyance and inconvenience of completing CAPTCHA forms, which can be both unreliable and alienating to users. Instead, SMS verification gives companies streamlined steps to verify the legitimacy of their online following.

Two-factor SMS authentication has given companies like Google, Facebook and WhatsApp the tools to confirm the authenticity of users. Here are three reasons why your business can also benefit from SMS verification:

  • SMS simplifies the user experience. Other verification methods can feel like hoops users must jump through to access your company online. With SMS, the appropriate credentials are sent directly to the users themselves. This reduces the guesswork and error potential of other authentication methods.
  • SMS can protect against fraud. Just because authentication can be inconvenient doesn't mean it's not necessary. In today's tech world, companies are constantly under siege from fraudsters who use phishing strategies, fake online profiles and other forms of deception for financial gain. Two-factor authentication is a layer of protection against those malicious identities.
  • SMS can be integrated easily. With a powerful SMS gateway, businesses can use two-factor SMS authentication on their websites to enjoy these benefits. Swift SMS Gateway makes integration simple and specifically addresses your security needs. 

SMS authentication PINs provide a powerful, personalized and cost effective security measure that enhances the end-user experience of their business. Contact Swift SMS Gateway to integrate this into your mobile and web strategy today.