SMS marketing offers benefits that no other marketing platform can. Here are six reasons why text message marketing is a smart investment for any company:

  • Simple. One of the reasons why text message marketing has grown in popularity is the ease in which it can be used. They are a simple, inexpensive way to impart your message to consumers. Best of all, the character limit allows people to spend less time per message than other marketing mediums.
  • Cost effective. SMS marketing offers a better return on investment when compared to other platforms. This is because text messaging offers high open rates, leading to greater customer engagement.
  • High open rate. Text message marketing has near perfect open rates, far exceeding the roughly 20 percent open rates of email and about 5 percent for direct mail. This all but guarantees your message will reach your customers, increasing the likelihood they will respond to your efforts.
  • Immediacy. Not only are test messages read more than other platforms, but they are so quicker, as well. This makes them great for all types of promotions or offers, but especially so for limited time or last minute sales.
  • Engagement. The high open rates of SMS marketing messages lead to higher engagement rates as well. Customers are more likely to take whatever action is called for in the message than other marketing platforms, increasing both your redemption rates and your bottom line.
  • Playing field. In addition to the simplicity that the platform's character limit offers, text message marketing allows smaller companies to level the playing field with larger competitors. 

A powerful SMS gateway can help you leverage the buying power of your SMS subscribers.