While there are many benefits of SMS marketing, many companies hesitate to utilize the platform because of misinformation. Here are five myths about text message marketing and why they're wrong.

  • Only young people text. Millennials and Gen Xers are notorious for texting, but they aren't the only ones who use the platform. According to BabyBoomers.com, 81 percent of that generation use a mobile phone and 85 percent of those use it for text messaging. No matter what your target demographic is, you can reach everyone through SMS.
  • Only large companies use text message marketing. Not only is SMS marketing useful for small businesses, but it can help them compete with the larger ones. Texting is a level playing field. When customers get a text, they all look the same, so it's the content of the text that will set your company apart from your competitors. It is also cost effective, and the success rates will help increase your return on investment.
  • Text is spam. Text message marketing isn't spam because the law prohibits companies from texting anyone who hasn't opted to receive them. The audience for SMS is willing to be marketed to through that platform because patrons are eager to see what benefit they'll get each time their phone buzzes.
  • It's hard to engage through SMS. This myth is not only false, but the truth is exactly the opposite. Text message marketing has both high conversion rates and redemption rates compared to other marketing channels, allowing you to reach and engage your most faithful customers.
  • It's a fad. Text messaging has been around for a long time now, and it's not showing any signs of disappearing. Texting is a standard in all cell phones sold today, and most phone plans include unlimited text messaging at no additional charge, so, for customers, it's a free way to find out about their favorite brands and get some discounts in the process.

Don't believe these misconceptions. SMS is the best way to reach and engage audiences for businesses of any size.