A new report shows that brand awareness is a crucial part of mobile marketing. 

The survey by Regalix said that 67 percent of marketers see spreading brand awareness as their top priority in mobile marketing. The report goes on to say that other focuses include bettering customer engagement, 62 percent, and increasing revenue and return on investment (48 percent).

Regalix also reports that investment in mobile marketing will increase in the near future. Currently, 51 percent of organizations said that they are investing in mobile marketing. That number may soon rise, as 64 percent of respondents said that they would increase their mobile marketing investments within the next 12 months.

The reason for the increased focus on mobile is simple: Regalix said that the number of phone users has now surpassed the number of traditional computer users. This firmly establishes mobile marketing as the best way to reach a large, targeted audience quickly and efficiently. 

Marketers are catching wind of this fact, as well. Two-thirds of those surveyed said that they have only been utilizing mobile marketing for two years or less. This, combined with the estimated investment increases show that more marketers are in tune to all the benefits that a strong mobile marketing strategy can provide. 

One of these benefits is increased customer satisfaction, which was reported by 82 percent of those surveyed after implementing their mobile strategy. The survey also said that more small- and medium-sized businesses are turning to mobile due to its affordability and convenience.

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