With local elections happening this November and national elections coming next year, many politicians have begun planning their communication strategies. Much like in other areas, text message marketing can have a huge impact on candidates' success in reaching their voters.

A recent industry poll of 500 adults 18 years old and older showed that one in five think SMS is the best way to reach voters. In addition, one in 10 had already been contacted by a candidate in the past via text messaging. 

Here are some times to increase your outreach through text message marketing:

  • Keywords. Picking the right keyword can have a huge impact on the success of your SMS marketing efforts. Keywords should be easy to type, short and be instantly recognizable. The prime example of this is President Barak Obama's HOPE keyword. It's short, delivers a powerful message that's consistent with his campaign message and is instantly recognized as being from his campaign. Using a name is also a strong choice. Once you select a keyword, make sure to put it everywhere to help increase engagement through text message marketing among your constituents.
  • Strategize. Before your send out your first text or advertise your keyword, make sure you develop an extensive strategy for your text message marketing campaign. Having clearly defined goals before your begin will help you increase the potential benefits of the campaign.
  • Listen. SMS is a great way for your constituents to respond to you. Make sure they know that's an option so that you can better understand the issues that are important to them.

SMS marketing can be beneficial in campaigns of all sizes. Swift SMS Gateway can help you create a text marking strategy that will help rally your voter support.