With summer upon us, more and more people travel and go on vacation. Text message marketing is a great way for companies in the travel, retail, entertainment and hospitality industries to reach out to customers and help them through their journeys. This simple action will go a long way for travelers, helping to increase brand loyalty and raise your bottom line.

Here are four ways text message marketing can add value to customers' vacations:

Ticket Purchasing

Unsold tickets don't do any good for your business. SMS messages are a great way to notify customers of the empty seat. Though there are some people who lack a proclivity for spontaneity, there are many who will jump at the chance to go on a last minute adventure, especially if you provide a discount as an incentive. With near-perfect open rates and high rate of response, SMS is the best platform to sell those extra tickets.


No one likes long check-in lines. Help your customers skip the lines by offering a check-in solution through SMS. This gives customers one less thing to worry about, giving them peace of mind and an increased appreciation for your company.


With a high rate of redemption, coupons sent through text message marketing are a great perk to offer your customers. Retail locations in travel hot spots should be ready to get opt-ins in order to quickly offer discounts to travelers. Transportation companies can partner with others to offer discounts during known lull times, like layovers.


Hotels, motels and other lodging business can use an SMS service to speed up check-in times, offer discounts and incentives for guests to return and provide a better method of communication between staff and guests. 

SMS marketing offers the highest open and conversion rates across any marketing channel. Swift SMS Gateway offers the SMS API and gateway needed to launch an effective text message campaign across North America.