A new report indicates that while revenue for other mobile messaging platforms will decline, SMS messaging remains dominant.

According to Juniper research, the overall messaging market will decline about $600 million dollars in the next four years, dropping to $112.9 billion by 2019 from $113.5 billion in 2014. Despite those results, the firm expects SMS to buck this trend.

"In terms of revenues, SMS still continues to dominate the market," stated the Juniper report, according to Mobile Marketing Watch. "SMS will go against this trend and see an increase in returns."

The report goes on to say that other format's per-message revenue return is expected to be less than 1 percent of the revenue generated by SMS in 2019.

Juniper attributes the reason for the decline to what they refer to as over the top (OTT) messaging applications like WhatsApp and LINE, called such because they are not reliant on a cell connection to function. Though the firm predicts messaging traffic on all platforms to increase tremendously by 2019, OTTs will find it harder to monetize messaging the same way text message marketing does. 

One of the strongest market segments, according to the report, is enterprise messaging services, like text message marketing. They expect this area will see continued growth thanks to its stability, reliable and secure message delivery and through the integration of new tools, like an SMS API. Those facts were further supported in the report, as Juniper's survey of network operators reported that 99 percent of all text messages are read and that 90 percent of those are read within three minutes of their receipt. They also claim that over a third of all smartphone activity, 37 percent, is text messaging.

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