One of the constant challenges to any growing business is managing customer relations. As you expand and attract a larger client base, building a rapport and strong customer relationships becomes increasingly difficult, but not impossible. That's where a bulk SMS service can help.

According to Techipedia, text messages enjoy a 98 percent open rate and of those, 83 percent are read within three minutes of their receipt. Text messaging is instant, reliable, cost effective and works on any cell phone. Here's how using a text messaging service as part of your customer service strategy will help improve client relations:


Text messaging is faster than email and less intrusive than voice communications. Bulk SMS can be used to provide a way for customers to offer instant feedback on their experience with your company, allowing you to increase customer engagement and fix anything that is generating negative results as soon as possible.


A text messaging service can be used to reward customer loyalty through tailored promotions. Letting SMS subscribers be the first to know things like a new sale is approaching will help foster feelings of exclusivity with your customers. 


Reduce call center costs by using bulk SMS to update customers on orders. Proactively keeping customers notified will drive repeat sales. When sending out the notifications, adding touches of personalization like their name an order number can go a long way towards generating positive feedback. 


Through generating a solid opt-in list, SMS messages can be incredibly specific. Insight into shopping habits can be used to effectively cater to customer needs and location information assists in targeting nearby clients. 


SMS messaging can be used as a self-service care tool, reducing customer wait times on the phone. This reduces your customer care costs by cutting service queries.

Even when sent in bulk, text messaging can be effective way to handle client relations. Experience the benefits by deploying a high-quality SMS gateway that can handle high volumes of both outgoing and incoming messages.