Generation Y is more reliant on their phones than any other demographic. According to comScore, Millennials receive an average of just under 1,800 text messages a month, well above the average for all users of almost 400 messages. This means they're on their phones almost all the time and are open to text message marketing.

According to NBC News, 88 percent of the demographic sends and receives text messages, and they do so daily. Not only have 80 percent of them sent or received a text within the last 24 hours, but 25 percent said they sent more than 50 messages in the last day.

With stats like that, this age range is becoming increasingly important in SMS marketing. Here are five tips to target them effectively:

  • Interactivity. Millennials like to get involved. They are more likely to be engaged in your campaign if your messaging encourages them to respond than if it doesn't. 
  • Speed. Young adults grew up with technology, so they're used to getting everything right way. Quick messaging, especially those that include promotional offers, is critical when targeting this demographic.
  • Reminders. Smartphones are very prominent in this age range, and they use them often to set reminders for themselves. Using your campaign to deliver other reminders about promotions or events will fit in naturally with their daily routine.
  • Efficiency. Millennials are used to bit-sized pieces of information, which is why they love texting. Though it may seem that it's impossible to be wordy in the 160-character limit of text messages, being as clear and direct as possible will help improve engagement in this age range. 
  • Frequency. Sending out too many messages, in general, is not ideal, but it's especially so when targeting Generation Y, as they're more likely to opt-out sooner. Make sure your messages are spaced appropriately and offer value.

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