Mobile text marketing has amazing potential for small businesses and larger companies alike, but the tricks for leveraging it change slightly depending on a firm's location, size and target audience. For a small business, optimizing SMS marketing could require a different approach, with a focus on customer engagement.

According to ITWeb, targeting the right audience is a central part of SMS marketing for small businesses. By ensuring you're speaking to the right consumers you will be able to optimize opt-ins and customer engagement, generating far more value for the marketing campaign as a whole.

"Over the years, SMS marketing has become extremely prevalent as it is valuable, cost-effective, intimate and reaches a specific target audience at a particular time. Small businesses with a tight marketing budget can achieve a high return on investment using SMS technology if they use it correctly," Tony Smith, CEO of Oxygen8 SA, told the news source. With the necessary tools to help enhance and improve interactions with customers, small businesses can fully embrace the power of mobile, ensuring personal and meaningful engagement every time."

Text Marketer recently reported that 76 percent of consumers will check a text message before their email, while 70 percent say that a brand can gain their attention faster through SMS. This continues to prove that text message marketing has the best reach and response of any channel, driving customers to online and physical store fronts. By learning how to better select your audience, optimize engagement and time your messages throughout the day or week for maximized exposure, you will be able to boost visitors to your business and sales significantly. Make sure you invest in the right bulk SMS service from SwiftSMS Gateway for your firm's needs.