While comparison shopping has been around for a long time, technology is helping consumers do it faster, more accurately and more efficiently. With the popularity of mobile devices, shoppers are able to check prices online in record time, and businesses need to leverage this trend in order to drive sales and beat out the competition.

Studies show that mobile devices continue to have a stronger influence on consumers year-over-year. At least 50 percent of mobile users consider their device to be their most important resource in any major purchasing decisions they make. An additional 33 percent do the majority of their shopping exclusively on a smartphone or tablet.

More important for businesses focused on their brick and mortar sales, however, is that about one-quarter of consumers are more aware of their shopping habits when using mobile devices. Companies can leverage this awareness to boost their brand through mobile text marketing.

By focusing on text message marketing, firms can utilize consumers' favorite shopping tool to spread awareness of their brand and promote deals and specials. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as offering exclusive deals and sending promotional texts. Businesses can also strengthen their customer relations by using these campaigns to spark dialog and consumer satisfaction.

With mobile devices having become so important to shoppers, companies need to find ways to turn this trend to their advantage. With the right SMS service, any business can send out alerts and promotional material right to each customer's favorite device and ensure their loyalty in physical or online shopping. Just make sure to use an SMS gateway that supports your brand's marketing needs.