Getting users to sign up for a text message marketing campaign and providing them with sales-driving messages isn't difficult. However, keeping them from opting out and optimizing the messaging frequency often presents the largest challenge for businesses. Once your customers have opted into your mobile marketing strategy, you need to consider this crucial aspect of the channel, and how to maximize returns without annoying recipients.

When thinking about message frequency there are several factors any business needs to focus on, including:

Demographic – Your target audience will affect the optimal message frequency. For businesses marketing to Millennials, more frequent messages might be acceptable, for example.

Message clarity – Making sure every message sent has a clear purpose and call to action is essential for effective mobile marketing. This will help you send SMS messages less frequently but drive larger returns from each message.

Message quality – In addition to the clarity of each message, you need to consider the quality of them as well. This means no typos, proper grammar and an optimized format for a text message that makes it easy for the consumer to read quickly.

These are just a few of the ways to optimize your SMS marketing efforts. Because mobile offers the most cost effective channel for marketing, it pays to minimize potential "errors" and ensure each and every message sent maximizes its appeal to the target demographic for your company and industry.

If you're focusing on optimizing the ROI of your mobile text marketing campaign, ensure you have the right bulk SMS gateway and service for your company size and expected opt-in rate to ensure messages are sent as desired.