Technology is constantly evolving, and for businesses this often means the leveraging of consumer devices and platforms for their own purposes. The most powerful trend overtaking both consumer and business technology is mobile, and enterprises need to ensure they are leveraging the potential of mobile devices through their business practices as effectively as possible.

Beyond BYOD and mobile workflows, smartphones play a critical role in marketing as well. Today, mobile text marketing is the top channel in nearly every industry, with a near 100 percent open rate and the highest return rate of any marketing platform. This is because the general public continues to grow much more dependent on their mobile devices in their everyday lives.

For most people, their whole lives are contained on their smartphone. These devices have replaced cameras, house phones and personal computers, supported by the cloud and social media. Few people can even remember a phone number other than their own these days, because they are stored in their contact list.

This trend lends itself further to support text message marketing by the fact that fewer and fewer people actually use their smartphones to make calls anymore. Voice is no longer the preferred medium of communication, with more people focusing on text through email and SMS. Video is also growing in popularity, but texting is still the leading channel for consumer communications. According to the accounting company Deloitte, nearly 25 billion SMS messages were sent each day in 2014, generating more than $100 billion in revenues for mobile operators. Businesses can leverage this channel effectively to earn their part of those profits through mobile marketing.

If your company is considering text message marketing as the next step in its future, invest in the right bulk SMS gateway to enable high-quality service across the board.