For many firms, mobile devices are offering new ways to leverage unusual aspects of operations for growth. According to PromotionWorld, mobile marketing might be the key to unlocking productivity in 2015, and delivering on growth needs for companies across the globe.

The International Telecommunication Union notes that there are seven billion mobile subscriptions active across the world, the equivalent of 95.5 percent of the world's population having access to a mobile device. One billion of those subscriptions were created in the last three years, and the market is likely to continue growing at a rapid pace. However, companies need to implement the right strategy in order to leverage these numbers to their advantage, mostly in mobile text marketing. 

Here are a few ways that mobile marketing efforts can truly stimulate growth for any company:

Expanding reach – With so many mobile devices "in the wild," text message marketing is an easy way to get a wider reach to consumers. Offering promotional texts and customer support via mobile attracts consumers who always have a mobile device on them, and keeps them engaged after opting in.

Integration of channels – Mobile also allows for more than one channel to be implemented in any marketing strategy. From SMS to social media, smartphones provide great ways to consolidate marketing efforts cross-channel and provide consumers with a unified experience throughout the campaign.

Real-time technology – Mobile is instant, allowing consumers to interact and communicate in real time. This provides a serious advantage to businesses looking to engage their customer base in conversation, rather than one-way messaging. By embracing this technology organizations are able to drive sales through brand reputation and loyalty.