Promotional texts have a strong place in any mobile marketing campaign, but optimizing redemption rates can be a challenge. According to CodeBroker, email coupon redemption rates are a mere 2.7 percent, but mobile fares better because consumers don't have to print the codes, they just have to bring their device in and show it to a cashier.

"Rather than returning to printed coupons or direct mailers, marketers are getting savvier in the way they distribute mobile coupons to increase redemption rates and optimize the ROI of their campaigns," Street Fight Magazine reported.

However, businesses still have to take specific steps to leverage a mobile text marketing campaign and optimize promotion code and coupon redemption rates. Below are a few tips for ensuring these types of campaigns have maximal appeal:

Cross-channel promotion – Cross-promoting a coupon or promotion on social media and other marketing channels will get consumers more aware of it, and remind them to use their coupon next time they are in the store.

"Deliver different content to consumers who sign-up to a retailer's SMS or email marketing lists. This practice creates a sense of exclusivity for each of the channels the retailer uses to deliver offers. Engaged customers tend to sign-up for multiple marketing channels because they know they'll receive different coupons. This drives both engagement and redemption," Sue LeClaire of CodeBroker, told the news source.

Frequency – Promotional texts work best when delivered at high frequency. Rather than sending a code once a month, deliver it several times a week during a promotion to encourage its use and provide a consistent reminder of the discount. It is also important to send codes at the ideal time of day. If the code is for a buy-one, get-one pizza deal, sending it around dinner time will make a consumer much more likely to use it.

Location-based messaging – Implementing location-based marketing solutions alongside text promotions will help deliver codes while a customer is in the store, rather when they might be at home with no intention of going out. A customer getting a text for 5 percent off their purchase while they are parking their car will be more more delighted and likely to use the code than one curled up on the couch watching Netflix.

Make them exclusive – Making the discount exclusive to SMS marketing users will also encourage use, and drive the growth of your mobile marketing strategy at the same time. This boosts your customer base and their satisfaction with the campaign while driving overall redemption by bringing in more potential customers at the same time.

If you're considering promotional texts as part of your marketing campaign, make sure you have the ideal SMS gateway to ensure delivery of bulk SMS messages.