Customer retention is a central part of driving business and growth, and as companies look to optimize their customers' experiences, many find that marketing still plays a major role in retention, not just acquisition. It is important to consider that today's consumers want to be engaged by the brands they prefer, not just "shouted at," and when marketing campaigns don't consider those who are already customers as a demographic, this engagement drops off.

This concept is highlighted by the idea that how you treat your current customers will help you attract new ones.

For businesses looking to enhance their customer relationship management and boost profitability through their marketing efforts, their text messaging services can play a central role in engagement and appeal.

According to research by Genesys, Greenfield Online and Datamonitor/Ovum, mobile text marketing keeps lines of communication open with current customers as well as targeted consumer demographics. This allows for greater interaction and an ability to appeal to the services that modern consumers expect, such as digital receipts or mobile customer service.

For every customer that opts-in to an SMS service, a business gains multiple new opportunities to expand their marketing reach. This is particularly true with the integration of mobile and social media marketing efforts.

By continuously engaging consumers, a business can keep them returning and interested in not just the product, but what the company is doing to enhance the customer experience. This shows the customer the value of service and that the company appreciates them, not just their dollars. For businesses looking to leverage this relationship, text marketing can play a central role. If you're considering implementing or expanding your mobile marketing strategy, make sure you have the SMS gateway in place to support that growth.