There are numerous ways to improve your approach to mobile marketing, from tying in social media to using text promotions. Once you start delving deeper into mobile text marketing solutions, the ways to enhance a campaign become more nuanced and companies can really drive consumer engagement with their SMS service. Mobile is becoming the leading platform for marketing endeavors with a society that has embraced smartphones so deeply into everyday life. For businesses, this means ample opportunity to expand their reach through mobile marketing efforts.

Below are a few more in depth tips for optimizing an SMS marketing strategy:

Integrate with apps – One of the biggest mistakes that companies make with mobile marketing efforts is forgetting about apps, especially apps that aren't theirs. Third-party apps can often play an important role in engagement. Most fitness apps now work within the iPhone's Health kit for a reason. By partnering with similar companies and allowing your apps to play off of one another, you can boost engagement and reach with ease.

Provide SMS options – Rather than offering a static SMS campaign, allow consumers to choose the level of engagement they want. You can use a standard subscription method, but also offer a "text to get" campaign that reverses the channel, having customers text your company in order to get codes and promotions in response.

Provide content updates through SMS – One way to boost engagement with mobile is to allow customers to opt-in to receive news updates via text, rather than email. Much like an email alert notifying a consumers of an update to your blog or online store, they can receive texts with related marketing material instead.

Use text as a follow-up – Text can also be used as a follow-up to a conversation, rather than a way to start it. Allow consumers to receive a confirmation message by text, rather than email, and incorporate marketing material into this message, as well as an option for them to opt in for future updates.

Use location-based SMS – Location-based marketing is also booming and by tying this strategy to SMS, you can deliver promotional codes and information directly to the consumer while they are on site. This helps to boost brick and mortar sales and mobile marketing opt-ins at the same time.

Any company considering mobile marketing strategies needs to ensure its SMS gateway is prepared for bulk messaging, response traffic and other increases in consumer activity. Boost your customer appeal by engaging them on a medium they are most comfortable with in the 21st century.