Mobile SMS marketing continues to be a leading channel for businesses in consumer-facing industries, but not all firms are optimizing their text strategy. While they might still be getting the open and click-through numbers that make SMS so appealing as a marketing channel, firms that aren't optimizing the actual texts they are sending are minimizing their own reach. By taking the time to style their texts around a few specific trends, companies will be able to better stimulate their audience and expand their reach instead of just delivering content and promotions.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to SMS style and form:

Drive your brand – Make sure every text message you send as part of your marketing campaign puts your brand first. If a consumer skims the message and doesn't immediately know who sent it, the text has failed in its primary purpose, which is expanding awareness of your brand.

Keep it short – Shorter texts are more likely to get read and, as a result, shared. By catching your audience's attention quickly you'll be sure to optimize engagement, with the option to then redirect them to another channel for longer form messages. This will expand your potential audience and ensure that your texts are actually read, not just skimmed and deleted.

Make it time-sensitive – Whenever a text includes a promotional offer, make it time sensitive. This will encourage interested consumers to check out the product or offer instead of leaving it for later, and drive immediate sales.

If your company is considering implementing a strong text marketing strategy, make sure you have invested in the appropriate bulk SMS gateway to optimize delivery.