The popularity and use of cell phones continues to increase, and so all businesses should begin leveraging mobile text marketing strategies if they haven't already. Here are some reasons why you should incorporate SMS messaging into your marketing strategy: 

  • Its easy: Customers like the efficiency of text messaging and businesses enjoy the fact that it's cost-effective and simple to execute. 
  • Its environmentally friendly: By sending coupons over text message your company is effectively reducing waste, helping the environment and saving money. 
  • Immediacy: Text messaging is one of the most instantaneous forms of communication, typically taking only seconds to send and receive. SMS messages also have a higher open rate than email, and 62 percent of mobile users report checking their phone as soon as they wake up every morning. Mobile marketing is therefore one of the most direct, assured ways to get in touch with consumers. 
  • Loyalty: Building customer loyalty is the best way to increase revenue, considering that 20 percent of all loyal customers provide 80 percent of a company's total sales. To increase loyalty, start by building a phone-based VIP program that rewards repeat customers for continuing to shop with you. Try texting special coupons, promotions and exclusive offers to loyalty club members, making them feel like a valued and integral part of the business.
  • Open rate: An impressive 98 percent of text messages are opened and presumably read, as opposed to only 12 percent of emails. This makes texting the most reliable way to ensure individuals receive important company updates and information.
  • Opt-in: The voluntary nature of text message exchanges means that you will be connecting with customers who have chosen to interact with your brand, giving you the unique chance to build important relationships with individual consumers. Try offering sweepstakes and marketing contests so shoppers have more chances to opt-in and a bigger reward for doing so.