Nowadays, a full 91 percent of adult Americans own cell phones and more people make use of their mobile devices instead of desktop computers or other technologies. This is because mobile phones and touch pads give consumers freedom while keeping them in touch via the internet and text.

Today, individuals want to be able to go anywhere and enjoy the same technological advantages they do at home. Increasingly they are requiring that businesses and buying opportunities come to them, rather than the traditional other way around. Customers prefer the brevity and ease of a quick text exchange, rather than the blurry call-to-action of an email or television commercial. 

Additionally, text marketing is low-cost and much more effective than the commonly used "spray and pray" marketing methods employed in the past. Such unsolicited, valueless offers only disintegrate the trust built between you and the client. In contrast, marketing texts enjoy an impressive response rate of about 15 percent, and all text messages show an absolutely staggering open rate of 98 percent.

So, text marketing is clearly an innovative and wonderful way of building relationships with individual customers. Consumers simply enjoy responding to texts more than they enjoy responding to emails, so they feel a sense of empowerment and pleasure when interacting with a company's mobile system.

When you do begin your text campaign, make sure it is highly visible so that interested people can easily opt-in without requiring too much information. Think about printing offers on transaction receipts, including an easy and straightforward call-to-action as well as a valuable incentive that will get people excited.

You can also expand your customer database by sending texts that request individuals respond with their email addresses. Customers tend to find this an easy way of staying up-to-date with a company's products and news, and are especially attracted by loyalty programs and exclusive deals.

Through SMS marketing, customers can also text a keyword while browsing in a store, in order to receive special discounts, additional information and product reviews, making every retail experience omni-channel.

You can also think about creating a sweepstakes that customers enter by texting, thereby quickly and easily enrolling in a nationwide program.

According to a recent study conducted by Incite, only 12.8 percent of marketers feel extremely confident in their ability to leverage mobile marketing, while 52.35 percent of marketers say that mobile marketing will prove critical within the next few years. We are currently in a unique phase of time when industry professionals are widely acknowledging the power of text marketing, but are not yet confident enough in the medium to approach it.

This opportunity to be one of the first to take advantage of the mobile marketing phenomenon won't last forever, so think about whether mobile marketing services is right for your business.