The use of mobile devices is growing. Many consumers and business procurement specialists are using smartphones and tablets as a key tool during the shopping season. It is not unusual to walk into a retailer and see a customer looking on their iPhone to compare prices or check product reviews.

A recent infographic released by Usablenet examined the different ways mobile commerce is driving sales in the business to business (B2B) marketplace. The numbers show B2B customers are using mobile devices for different things, including:

  • 56 percent read reviews
  • 55 percent read product information
  • 52 percent research industry products
  • 50 percent compare features
  • 48 percent compare prices

While all of these stats show why mobile devices are having an impact, there is one thing that was left out of the infographic that needs to be added:  SMS marketing. Consumers nearly always have their mobile device within arms reach and these messages are routinely opened more than 90 percent of the time.

Searching the web or using a mobile application to compare prices or read reviews is now a common practice and businesses can take advantage of this with a text message program. Once customers opt-in, they can start receiving coupons, special offers or inside information on new products to a device they already rely on.

Deploying a bulk SMS service is more complicated than it may seem. With the help of a mobile text marketing service, businesses can ensure they are following all laws and regulations while designing a perfect strategy to connect with customers and boost sales.