It is clear that text messaging has become a critical tool for marketers. Mobile phones have become as essential to consumers' daily lives as their wallets and keys. From promoting new products to engaging consumers, the use of SMS marketing is something that can no longer be ignored.

A recent blog post from a U.K.-based text messaging marketing firm examined the ways that organizations can use SMS systems to improve customer loyalty.

"This change in customer behavior has created a need for mobile marketing to be much more personal; particularly when building customer loyalty," the article reads. "Those companies who fail to deliver mobile marketing at a personal level will be quick to see a poor return on their investment and potentially get labeled as spammers."

One of the main things that organizations need to keep in mind is the need to be personalized. No one wants to think that they are receiving a bulk text blast, but if you are able to add a more personalized message, consumers are more likely to engage. Building customer loyalty goes beyond just retailers and can be used by all industries to improve relationships with consumers.

When you consider that 98 percent of text messages are opened and a majority of the time this happens within a few seconds of receiving the message, it is easy to see why this strategy can become effective. By partnering with a text message service provider that offers a bulk SMS service, any company can start improving their marketing plan.