There is no denying that mobile devices have become a larger part of how consumers shop. Businesses need to start getting ahead of this trend or they will run the risk of falling behind.

According to a recent study from xAd and Telmetrics, conducted by Nielsen, mobile devices have a bigger impact on consumers every year. For the report, 2,000 U.S. mobile users were polled and had their behaviors monitored from Nielson's panel of 6,000 Apple and Android users. This year's report found that 50 percent of respondents consider their mobile device to be the most important resource in the purchasing process. On top of that, more than one-third of respondents are now shopping exclusively on their mobile devices.

The study also found that only 20 percent of respondents were aware of what they were looking for when it comes to shopping online. This means that marketers have a great opportunity to use mobile devices for "branding and awareness" as much as for direct response or directional campaigns.

There are several ways that this can be done. While having a mobile application or website that is optimized to run on a smartphone or tablet is the most effective way to do this, it can be expensive. There are cheaper alternatives to capturing mobile devices, which include the use of a text messaging marketing strategy.

Because mobile devices have become so important to shoppers, organizations need to find a way to take advantage. With the right text messaging software, any business can send out alerts and promotional material right to each customer's favorite device.