If you needed to get in touch with a friend quickly, what would your do? Any of us would grab our phone and send a quick text message. That is not a shocking statement and shows how this system has evolved to become a core way that people communicate. Because of this, it makes sense that this platform could have benefits in the enterprise landscape.

A recent guest column from Mobile Marketing Watch makes the case that text messages have become the new way to handle 1:1 marketing. Currently, 90 percent of adults own a cell phone and all of them — smartphone or not — are SMS capable.

On top of that, upwards of 90 percent of SMS text messages are opened within five minutes and can put a call to action right in front of the recipient. This can be a coupon, limited time promotional offers, appointment confirmation and the ability to pay bills. 

"SMS has now easily, and effectively activated customers on the device they use most – their phones – and driven foot traffic in store," the article reads. "With one text message, a campaign went from a brand awareness effort to a measurable direct marketing tactic that delivers tangible ROI. When integrated properly, SMS can be a budget-friendly, strong bridge between advertisement and active conversion because it allows a brand to speak very directly, and quantifiably to a customer."

Mobile devices have become a staple of the current communication landscape and are a tool for companies that know how to optimize this. With the help of an SMS services provider, any company will be able to effectively adopt this new system.