The idea of mobile marketing is clearly a path that businesses should consider. However, some areas get more attention than others. A recent article from Business 2 Community laid out several mobile statistics that marketers should be aware of. The areas of focus include mobile shopping, usage of mobile apps and the future of device purchases and network access.

However, there is an entire area that was left out of the article that houses some of the most telling numbers when it comes to the power of mobility. This would be SMS marketing.

A recent article from Insurance Business America examined why text messaging is not only a powerful tool, but the dominant platform when it comes to a marketing strategy. The statistics support this.

According to the article, 98 percent of text messages are read, compared to 21 percent of tweets, 16 percent of Facebook posts and 12 percent of emails. Text coupons are 10 times more likely to initiate a purchase than paper or email coupons. Text messages have a 19 percent click-through rate, outpacing Facebook ads (0.05 percent), Promoted Tweets (3 percent) and email (4.2 percent).

The article also addressed the idea that text message marketing can be expensive. The short answer, it's not.

"In general, SMS marketing is considered expensive, but there are many budget-friendly solutions for companies of any size," the article reads. "And no matter how small your marketing budget might be, the ROI of text message marketing makes it a no-brainer for any agency."