The use of mobility in the business landscape has been growing over the last few years. This is being pushed by the evolution of hardware like smartphones and tablets.

An article from Forbes examined several ways that the mobile platform will impact business in 2014. They include improving bring-your-own-device security, employees that are constantly connected, a bigger impact of the cloud, more mobile apps, new payment options and in-store use.

While the article does touch on many of the more popular things that a more mobile business approach will affect, there some major opportunities that were missed.

One of the most obvious is the use of SMS services and text message marketing. When many people think mobility the immediate idea is a smartphone filled with apps. However, there are a number of individuals that do not have a smartphone but do have a cellular phone.

This means an SMS system for marketing, promotions or a number of other business practices should be on this list as it touches far more mobile used than a mobile app or cloud-based system would. Sending a text message to a prospective consumer base has a better chance to get read and responded to than an email or phone call.

These systems are also being used in more creative ways like for 911 services or to gather more information when walking through an auto dealer. With the help of mobile marketing services, any business will be able to examine their current mobile options and implement a solution that will touch the most customers.