When most businesses think about incorporating text messages into their operations, they envision sending out bulk coupons or deals. Traditionally, this has been the best way to pair the popular technology with company operations. However, with the right text messaging tools and strategy, there is a lot more that can be done.

A recent press release profiled Allen Mello Dodge, an auto dealer in Nashua, N.H. The company rolled out a new solution with coded hand tags in every vehicle on the lot.

Designed for when shoppers are looking around after hours or if they prefer to look around on their own, when they see a vehicle they would like more information about, they text the stock number on the tag. This sends additional information straight to the phone and alerts the dealership by creating a new customer lead entry that displays the customer's mobile phone numbers and a link to the car or truck they are inquiring about.

John Elston, the Internet Manager for Allen Mello Dodge, told the news source that this lets him connect with potential customers even if he is away from the lot on other business or its his off day.

"A young lady is on the lot, it's raining and she sends [a message] on a used Jeep Liberty… I call her back immediately and feature-benefit from my couch. I tell her to go into the office and speak with Steve, who closes the sale," Elston said.

This is just another example of how text messaging software can be used in creative ways to benefit operations.