Text messaging systems are one of the fastest ways to communicate with residents before an emergency like an incoming storm or AMBER alert. Cities and towns all over the United States have been working on their own text services and Wisconsin's Forest County is the latest community to do so.

The county's sheriff office announced earlier this week that the text messaging service will be used on varying priority levels. The SMS subscription is free for all Forest County members because the cost for the program was covered because of its intended use to promote public safety.

"Such messages can consist of Severe Weather Alerts, Missing Children Alerts, Missing Person Alerts, Hazardous Situation Alerts, and Informational Advisor[ies]," the press release reads.

Sheriff John Dennee decided to create a text messaging platform for Wisconsin area businesses and households because its potential to streamline weather preparedness in Forest County, a local FOX affiliate reported.

Inclement weather can happen at any given moment, but its chances are much higher during the spring and summer months. This is partly due to the fact that there are more warm and cool jet streams traveling through the country at the same time, which leaves room for storm systems like tornadoes and thunderstorms.

Rural communities can greatly benefit from localized text alerts because local governments and law enforcement departments can inform everyone about problems that directly impact their respective areas. Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to implement this mobile solution.