We have previously discussed that nonprofits have found great success with text message fundraising campaigns, where donors pledge an average $25 to $50. Now, the Ukrainian government is utilizing this innovation to help the military.

This European nation has faced civil unrest in recent months and now, one of its territories voted to secede from Ukraine, so it can be annexed with neighboring country Russia. Now, Ukraine is looking to prepare for just about anything, which is why it launched the fundraising campaign.

The minimum donation to the short code text is 5 hryvnyas (UAH), which is about 49 cents in the United States. Since the text message fundraiser began, Ukraine's Military of Defense reported that they have received more than $1 million in donations from businesses and citizens within three days of the campaign, BBC reported.

"The 'Support Ukrainian Army' Campaign about UAH 9.9 [billion] have been transferred from physical and legal entities for the Ukrainian Armed Forces needs," the Ministry's announcement reads.

This means that the text message campaign has brought in over $807 million in private donations to the nation's military. Ukraine's decision to utilize text messaging services has fared well and this success can happen to any organization looking to boost its fundraiser efforts.

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