Cigna, a health insurance provider that also offers supplementary Medicare and life insurance policies, decided to give its agents the chance to receive rate information with a company-wide text message service, according to a press release from the organization.

"Today's agents are out where their customers are, and we know that many times they find themselves without access to the internet or paper rate sheets," Brad Wolfram, Divisional President, Cigna Supplemental Benefits, said in the statement.

Through Cigna's #ExpressText program, agents will be able to give prospective customers a figure on how much care would cost under their Medigap insurance or Final Expense Whole Life insurance policies once the agent sends information like their age, zip code and gender to the organization's secure SMS API, the publication Insurance and Technology explained.

Depending on the success of this program and #ExpressQuote, where agents can immediately check the status of a customer's application, they can implement additional mobile solutions to their​ staff. Future plans include offering details on in-force policies and information on the health insurance company's additional services.

"Getting immediate quotes through the texts, submitting business and resolving potential problems more quickly because of the alerts give agents more time to focus on building their businesses," Wolfram added

Cigna's decision to provide an additional platform for its staff will likely help agents reach out to more customers in a shorter period of time. In fact, there are a multitude of ways to utilize text messaging services in the workplace.

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