Over the past few years, the use of smartphones and other mobile devices continued to increase, but last quarter's findings were staggering: for the first time, mobile marketing ad spending growth was above 100 percent. The widespread use of these strategies can be found on websites, text alerts or mobile applications, it is becoming more clear that mobile marketing will make its presence this year.

Now the challenge is choosing an approach that works best for your business's targeted audience. Simply diving into the mobile marketing industry will be a lot more to handle than actively engaging with customers from one or two avenues. Responsys contributor Megan Van Vlack explained that even in 2013, a majority of marketers haven't fully leveraged the capabilities of this sector.

However, not every mobile marketing strategy is confusing or extremely expensive. SMS services specifically, are a much more affordable marketing tool. Business owners have the option to pay for each message that is sent out to subscribers or have a monthly plan with an SMS API provider.

Companies that go with this approach have the chance to be extremely close to their customers because the average cell phone owner checks their device 150 times per day, according to Forbes Magazine. Even if a business only sent one message every few days, the likelihood that they'll see it is much greater than other methods.

"The numbers are just too large for brands to ignore and while the marketing industry has been keenly aware of mobile's impact,  2014 will likely be the tipping point where companies seriously embrace mobile," Forbes contributor Kimberly Whitler wrote.

To support this argument, Whitler spoke to Greg Stuart, the Global CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association. He explained that similar to the internet boom, marketers who wanted to get into online advertising 10 to 15 years ago either got on board at the right time or ended up paying a lot more because they joined the game a little too late.

Mobile devices can be found in almost every American and Canadian household in some shape or form, but what makes text messaging services a much more valuable asset is that every cell phone user can receive these messages. Broadband connectivity is not necessary because these providers leverage from cell phone service towers.

Also, text messages can be sent for multiple purposes. Businesses have leveraged text messaging to confirm orders, report on future delays or to share time-sensitive coupons. Swift SMS Gateway can help organizations identify an SMS marketing strategy that will work best for your client base.