Smartphone use has changed so much in the past few years that many mobile marketers are struggling to keep up. There are so many ways to reach out to prospective customers nowadays that it can be hard to determine the best approach for your business.

Instead of trying to play catch up with businesses that have neglected to see the potential in these mobile marketing campaigns, why not go with a strategy that continues to drive sales and engagement? Specifically, we are referring to the use of SMS marketing, which has been proven to have a high open and read rate, about 95 percent within three minutes to be exact.

This may be considered an out-dated strategy, but that is not the case. Time and again, businesses fail to make the most out of this marketing platform because they are concerned about social media and email marketing. What makes text messaging services a stronger approach because it bridges the gap between old and new habits.

MediaPost contributor Steve Smith explained how the rise of omnichannels, which incorporates brick-and-mortar and online shopping experience.

"[I]t is precisely the kind of shopper you most want — the heavy omnichannel researcher," he wrote. "They are the ones most likely to see the advantages of using phones in-store."

Because it is hard to measure exactly how powerful a mobile phone user is to sales, just consider how many of them clicked on the short links in the text messages or count how many mobile coupons were redeemed at the end of the day, week or month. In the past, we have found that these exclusive discounts attribute to higher revenue, but the availability of text messages make it that much easier.

As people become more dependent on their smartphones, it is going to be that much more important to have a mobile presence. But instead of exploring new avenues that may not work, stick with what's tried and true. Despite the rise of mobile applications and social networking, the Wireless Association found that cell phone users spend 20 percent of their time text messaging, which is second only to talking on the phone.

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