Businesses have a responsibility to their customers. Regardless if the organization is selling a service or product, each client should feel like their needs are heard and met.

Nowadays, if a client is dissatisfied, that discord is no longer between the company and the customer. They can share their negative and positive encounters on the internet on local websites or social networks. In 2014, the power of a person's mouth is stronger than ever, so it is pertinent to be responsive to those who ask — otherwise you'll get stuck behind the pack of competitors seeking to gain their loyalty.

"Through exceeding the customers' expectations, they are more likely to share a positive review of their experience, creating a trusted digital advertisement for your brand," Business 2 Community contributor Peter Schmitt wrote. "The measure of success will depend on experience results versus efficiency measures."

While there are many ways to achieve excellent customer service, utilizing an SMS service is one of the best ways to do so. Often times, disgruntled customers seek a fast response or solution to their problem. Text messages can be used to provide information on a store's return policy, hours of service or a phone number to a nearby store.

Whenever someone is calling or emailing customer service, they go through a myriad of questions and requests. Text messaging services can cut out all of that red tape.

Unlike other mediums, text messages don't leave extra room for long-winded responses. Customer service representatives have 160 characters to work with, which ensures that every encounter is customized to the customer's inquiry.

Schmitt explained that this year's customer service atmosphere needs to more engaging because the days of "militant driven efficiency metrics" are on their way out. After all, satisfied customers have the potential to drive traffic toward your business, so take the time to take care of them in 21st century fashion. Swift SMS Gateway can provide the tools to help your organization improve its customer service strategy.