Businesses trying to build a relationship with their clients have many outlets to do so, but an SMS marketing platform can drive people to the storefront sooner. This is because cell phones have been such an integral part of our daily routine that 91 percent of people must have these devices within an arm's reach, according to Mobile Marketing Watch.

Sending text messages to your subscribers can appear more personal than other forms of advertising like billboards or radio broadcasts. Instead, your organization is reaching out to customers via phone, which does not occur as often anymore due to the popularity of the Internet. People spend more time communicating with one another from a plethora of websites, so receiving a quick special offer from your inbox is a nice change.

Nonetheless, it is still important to keep your brand in mind. Each bulk SMS your staff sends should be useful to them. Share good or bad news to ensure that your customers are constantly informed. Examples of these text messages could discuss a new store opening or a temporary closed website due to maintenance.

In situations where the website is down or stores have to close, Mashable recommends sending a "we messed up" text message. This shows that your company appreciates their loyalty and patience during this time period. Throwing in a mobile-exclusive discount at this time wouldn't hurt either.

Those who subscribe to your text alerts program want to know what is going on within your business. Keep in mind, sending too many messages in a day may cause them to be fatigued and eventually unsubscribe. Unlike emails, customers cannot avoid their SMS notification—which means your marketing team has to do what it takes to nurture these  recipients.