Despite the movie industry reporting back-to-back years of losses, people are finding ways to catch newer films. Moviegoers are able catch the latest movie trailers or buy tickets in advance on Fandango's mobile application, and those who rather watch a recently released film can find out when it reaches their local Redbox kiosk with text alerts. Together, these businesses are helping two industries at the same time.

"We have been mobile before mobile was the 'in' thing," VP of Marketing Adam Rockmore told Digiday. "Today, 41 percent of our total sales come through mobile. That's on average."

Since Fandango started in 2005, it is now the go-to place for mobile users, selling tickets to about 20,000 theaters nationwide, according to Fandango's website. Their mobile applications are available on a variety of mobile platforms and receive 30 million downloads and 41 online or mobile visitors every month.

However, Fandango is aware of their limits going with a mobile platform. They cannot change the size of the screens on mobile devices, but they can inform SMS subscribers on new content and links to watch on their phones, according to Digiday.

Controlling the power that you have is important, Redbox​ has learned. Earlier this year, the video rental company notified 18 million customers in a text alert that Spiderman was available at the kiosks. The problem was that too many people went to grab a copy of the movie, according to Business 2 Community.

"You can be a victim of your own success," VP of Production Innovation and Customer Service Roe McFarlene told the source.

Just like any SMS service, subscribers stay happy because Redbox sends promo codes every month and other special offers for their movie or game rentals. Now, Redbox users can avoid missing their chance to catch new releases by reserving the DVD or Blu-ray disk online and picking it up at the kiosk of their choice by swiping their credit or debit card.

Because of this, Fandango and Redbox knows that their marketing campaign must have an integrated approach. This includes the use of social media platforms and the internet.

When businesses have a well thought-out mobile marketing strategy, they can avoid the bumps that other successful companies went through. Thinking of creative ways to fill a need can get your company ahead of competitors. Swift SMS Gateway has the developers to offer technical support to help start a SMS marketing campaign.