Before businesses join every social media platform to post industry-related updates, keep your targeted audience in mind. Even though text messages can be sent and read instantly, it does not mean businesses should continue to send back-to-back messages, according to Business 2 Community. This SMS service can work well for organizations if they work within specific limitations.

Roe J. McFarlane, VP of Production Innovation & Customer Experience at Redbox highlights an example on how one's SMS reach can go wrong.

"With 18 million downloads, we thought we would tell everyone that Spiderman was now available. You would think that that's a good thing, but what happened is that we had 18 million people come to at the exact same time," he told Business 2 Community.

 Instead of hearing about every service a company has to offer, give clients the option to specify what they want to accept. Tailored information will guarantee that the SMS message will be read in four minutes, the click through rate stays above 50 percent thus, driving sales, according to Green Industry Pros.

Sending mass text messages is easy because every cell phone comes with an SMS application. Users do not need to install a mobile application or a Flash player to access specific websites. The point of using SMS is to share a brief message—160 characters to be exact. Businesses will not be able to sync Facebook and Twitter updates to SMS subscribers because those updates are usually longer than SMS' character count.

Swift SMS Gateway has the resources to tackle an effective SMS service, and will make sure to keep these things in mind so businesses can have a successful SMS marketing campaign.