The growing digital journalism community is constantly trying to keep up with technology. While traditional journalism professionals may have been initially reluctant to join in, with online publications damaging the relevance of paper newspapers, now it appears that every major news organization can drive traffic from a variety of avenues like mobile device applications, email blasts and social media.

Globacom Limited, the second telecommunications firm in Nigeria can now add SMS service as a way to share news.

Subscribers have the option to access stories from Globacom's Glo-Mpaper on their mobile web browser or text messages, according to ITNewsAfrica. Glo-Mpaper will wire stories from a variety of local and international newspapers.

"The beauty of this service from our stable is that beyond the immediacy of delivering the news items as they break, users can subscribe to at least three different newspapers," Adeniyi Olukoya, Globacom's marketing coordinator told ITNewsAfrica.

Because the newspaper is hosted on Globacom's towers, customers can easily add the option to their current data plans. The plan costs 50 Nigerian Naira a week, which is about 30 U.S. cents. This sounds affordable in comparison to paying for a print newspaper every day or week in the United States. Glo-Mpaper's option to allow customer to read up to three newspapers shows this can be a good value for anyone who wants to stay in the loop with upcoming events or issues.

Even though SMS alerts are a recent development in the news industry, this medium is getting traction in many industries. Many cell phones are able to automatically send out National Weather Service and AMBER alerts. Your business can take the opportunity to share information about upcoming promotions and events through an SMS marketing campaign. Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to kick-start your business's mobile presence.