The best way to engage consumers and facilitate the sales process is to create a call to action, which prompts individuals to take the next step toward procurement. 

Call to actions are typically found on business websites, which gives visitors an opportunity to click on a button to receive more information about a particular product or service or receive more information about the company. They can also be found in marketing messages, whether they are on social media, in email or even conducted as part of a text message marketing strategy. 

Businesses launching mobile marketing initiatives will want to ensure their call to action is both noticed and adhered to. A mobile marketing call to action will likely prompt recipients to respond to the message being sent, call the company sending it or open up a webpage that contains more information. Fortunately, today's mobile technology allows SMS messages to contain either web links or buttons that automatically call listed phone numbers when pressed.

While modern technology can definitely facilitate engagement, the strength of any call to action lies in the words used to compose the message. If they don't resonate with the recipient, the call to action will not be followed.

An article in the online publication GoMo News recently addressed the importance of a call to action in mobile marketing campaigns and discussed why selecting the right words is so crucial.

"Any marketing campaign is great, but the important thing is that you need to have a defined outcome, wrote Triin Linamagi, a mobile marketing professional and author of the guest blog post. "To achieve that, you need to tell your reader(s) what action to take next. So the call to action (CTA) is the most important part when planning your a SMS marketing campaign—it's the 'convincer' that will motivate your visitors to take the next step."

Including words like "today" and "now" can create a sense of urgency in the message, which may help streamline the engagement process. If the recipient sees those words, he or she may feel time is running out on whatever deal the message is promoting. Additionally, it's important to list exactly what type of action should be taken by the mobile user. Buy, register, reply, subscribe, visit or call are just a few of the words that can let recipients know exactly what they should do.

Constructing a message saying "Call today for a free consultation" can really resonate with a consumer. Moreover, because they are already on their devices, they are already in position to make that call. Including a link to the number will only increase the effectiveness of the message. 

Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch effective mobile marketing messages, and can also help construct a call to action designed to yield the best possible results. Marketing messages are only valuable if they spur positive action, so constructing messaging with a call to action is crucial. Once an organization establish a strong combination of impactful messaging and a strong call to action, they will see extremely positive results from their text message marketing campaigns.