Marketing is an important component of any law practice. Lawyers know they are in a competitive market and standing out in front of the competition is a challenge. However, many legal professionals lack the resources to construct massive integrated advertising campaigns, so simplifying the process is an ideal option. Text message marketing is a great way to reach a number of potential clients quickly and easily. 

Previously, mobile marketing and the legal industry did not necessarily mix together. However, regulators are coming around to understanding the benefits of marketing on the mobile device and are lifting bans that will now allow lawyers to solicit new business via text message.

According to an article in Bloomberg BNA, Ohio is one of the states going forward with this initiative. Earlier this month, the Ohio Supreme Court's ethics board declared that lawyers are able to reach out to clients via text message, as long as they follow regulations pertaining to the practice. 

The decision came from previous rulings that allowed electronic and written communication between lawyers and prospective clients.

"Because text messages may be considered both an 'electronic communication' and a 'written communication,' a plain reading of Rule 7.2(a) indicates that lawyers may use text messages to advertise their services," the board declared.

This is a major ruling and it showcases just how far text messaging has come as an effective communication format between businesses and customers. For sole proprietors – often the case with lawyers – this is an ideal marketing strategy because it takes little time, money or effort to manage. Implementing a program that markets the lawyer's prowess can go a long way toward attaining new business.

Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools legal firms – among other small practices – need to initiative an effective test message marketing campaigns.