Have you ever sat and waited during a long stretch of time for a package to be delivered or a service professional to show up at your house? For anyone who has shopped online or scheduled an appointment, the answer is probably yes. You get told that whoever you're waiting for – whether it's the delivery person with a gift from Amazon or the professional fixing your plumbing – that they'll be there between the hours of one and five. You wait, even though you have errands to run, because you know the second you leave – even if you're only gone for 10 minutes – that's when they'll show up. 

In today's age of mobile connectivity, this shouldn't happen. 

Fortunately, organizations like FedEx are using the resources at their disposal to ensure that we as a society start moving away from this outdated nuisance. According to the Associated Press, the company is implementing a service that allows users to communicate virtually with the company, share specific instructions, such as "Please leave the package at the back door" and receive text alerts when their packages are almost at their doorstep. 

This is the way service and delivery professionals should be operating in 2013. It was understandable that customers had to wait for hours when there was no way for them to communicate with individuals on the go, but technology has lifted that hindrance. Sending text alerts to customers who are waiting for someone to come to their door provides a major convenience.

Suppose an individual has to go out at 3:00 but they have to wait until some time before 5:00 to greet the delivery person or professional at their doorstep. Requesting a 20-minute warning text will let them know if they have enough time to run down the street for a quick errand or not.

We hope this becomes a trend and that more organizations catch on. If it does, Swift SMS Gateway is there to offer the tools needed to construct this sort of initiative.