A new Kickstarter project may provide those receiving SMS messages an even easier way to read incoming communication from businesses or organizations sending text alerts

According to an article in Digital Trends, the project consists of a bracelet that would allow users to receive messages on their wrist, rather than on their phone. The bracelet contains a mini screen and presents text messages in scrolling form. Users would have to install an accompanying application on their smartphones, which would essentially forward the messages to their bracelet so they can be read on their wrist. 

Provided this project receives the required funding from Kickstarter, this could be great news for both users and organizations relying on having their respective texts read by message recipients.

The Digital Trends article explains a number of the technology's advantages. Joshua Pramis, the article's author, says that it would satisfy users who constantly check their phone for incoming messages.

"How many times have you been sitting in a meeting at work, or an intimate classroom setting at school, and you feel your phone vibrating, indicating an incoming message?" Pramis writes. "You know it's looked down upon to check your phone, but you can't shake that itch, no matter how hard you try."

As this blog has stated in the past, text messaging has maintained its position as a preferred communication method, even after mobile technology evolved over the years. This news shows that technology can actually advance to a point where SMS messaging is even more valuable.

Text message marketing is so effective because SMS messages are read more than any other form of digital communication. However, there are factors that could prevent a potential customer from receiving an SMS coupon or marketing message in time. Perhaps their phone was charging in the other room while they were at the computer online shopping, and if they had received the message it could have impacted their buying. If messages are forwarded to a bracelet, their potential readability skyrockets.

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