There are a number of misconceptions about text message marketing. Many have likely prevented organizations from adopting the service, even though it has drastically improved marketing strategies across a number of industries. Perhaps debunking some of these myths will allow some companies to feel more comfortable about using the service.

One of the most common misconceptions pertaining to bulk SMS messaging is that it has to be conducted on a mobile device. This is simply not true. While these messages can be constructed on a smartphone and many companies are shifting from traditional desktop computers to mobile gadgets anyway, we understand there are some marketing professionals who prefer in a traditional working environment. 

Sending text messages from a computer may help marketers conduct more effective campaigns, because they will be able to scribe messages quickly and alleviate the risk of typing errors. They will also be able to organize recipient lists and review metrics from their desktops while using more robust database software.

These advantages benefit marketers in a number of ways. Suppose a message is constructed on a phone, but the marketer tasked with writing it makes a typo or suffers from a dreaded autocorrect. If the message that gets sent out to a long list of potential customers is off, even by one letter, the entire campaign is compromised. On a computer, it can be easier to type and review what was written, so any potential errors are more likely to be caught.

Moreover, by using a robust desktop database management software system, marketers can control who gets messages and which communication is more effective. This can go a long way towards improving subsequent campaigns.

That's not to say using a phone to conduct these tasks is a bad idea. Mobile technology is constantly evolving, making it easier to type and manage data on smartphones and tablets. However, those who have been hesitant to adopt a mobile marketing strategy may feel more comfortable easing in by using a computer.

Either way, Swift SMS Gateway can help organizations put aside their concerns and enjoy the benefits of text message marketing.