Standard text messaging has evolved dramatically in recent years. The advancement of mobile technology allows those communicating via the SMS application to supplement their messages by taking advantage of many smartphone functions such as location services, image sharing and video recording. While the value of text message marketing is still in its simplicity, enhancing these messages can still enhance any campaign.

SMS couponing is a valuable service as it can give recipients an incentive to buy from a particular company. However, businesses sending coupons via text message don't have to sit back and hope they are remembered once they are delivered. Savvy organizations add interactivity to their text coupons and utilize smartphone technology to optimize the value of the message.

An article in Internet Retailer lists examples of companies that are using smartphone GPS systems to maximize the potential of their SMS coupons. Sears, for example, took advantage with a campaign late last year. After using mobile marketing to deliver a $10 coupon, the retail giant took extra steps to ensure it was used by "nudging" users when they were near a store location.

If Sears texts a coupon for jeans, the end goal is for the recipient to use that coupon and, while they are in the store, buy more items. If a consumer receives that message and is nowhere near the store, by the time they have an opportunity to use it they might forget they have the coupon in the first place. By using GPS technology to know when consumers are close, the company can send an additional reminder, which increases the chances of the customer walking in the store. 

As mobile technology continues to evolve, it is likely that more businesses will be able to take advantage of this service. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch similar campaigns that capitalize on smartphone functionality.