While text message marketing is certainly valuable, the only way for companies to experience that value is by following all rules and regulations pertaining to the business practice.

Failure to adhere to rules imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or any other industry groups could result in severe consequences, such as legal action and a damaged reputation. Should an organization break any text message communication regulations, it will be hard for it to find success in future campaigns. 

A guide has recently surfaced that lists a number of text message regulations and offers best practices to ensure successful mobile marketing. One of the more harmful actions a company can take, according to the guide, is the bait and switch.

"The fastest way to see your database dwindle and to put yourself at risk for legal action is to pull a bait and switch with your audience and have them opt in to receive one type of message and then start sending messages unrelated to what they opted in for," the guide says.

Companies that stay within the legal confines of text message marketing can still be enormously successful in their efforts, as long as they send messages strategically and generate strong content. Remember, those that want to receive text messages are already strong leads because they are expressing some interest in the organization communicating with them, so these messages can be used to nurture these leads, improving the possibility of future sales.

Businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts can do so with text messaging, as long as they obey the rules. Swift SMS Gateway can provide companies with the tools and knowledge needed to construct SMS campaigns that are both effective and lawful.