Some text alerts programs require recipients to sign up via their mobile devices and others only accept registration forms on their website. The Owensboro Public Schools system in Owensboro, Kentucky, is allowing users to do both.

The school has implemented a new service that alerts parents, students, teachers and staff in the event of an emergency or incident such as a school closing. Because individuals can sign up in multiple ways, there is a belief that the system will be even more effective.

Dr. Matthew Constant, the school's assistant superintendent for technology, spoke with the online publication Surf KY about the school's initiative, indicating that giving people yet another channel to receive pertinent information should reduce the risk of leaving some out of the loop.

"We feel that this will be a good addition to our avenues of communication. We provide school closing notifications on our website, on OPS Cable Channel 73 and through media," Constant said. 

While individuals can get the news they need on the school's website or watching television, both methods are not as efficient as receiving text messages. Typically, parents only find out about closings shortly before their kids have to go to school, likely a time in which they have to get themselves ready for work. Many people don't have time to log online or watch the news while feeding their kids breakfast, taking a shower and doing whatever else they have to do to start their day.

By receiving a text alert, parents will know as soon as a decision is made. Given the number of options Owensboro residents have to sign up for this service, more people should be able to benefit.

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