Understanding the fundamentals of a solid business plan is important for companies in every industry. Before professionals can conjure up new ideas to enhance their processes, they must ensure they have a solid foundation to build their operations on top of. Text message marketing is no different. While this blog has explored the various innovative uses of SMS marketing, it may be valuable to take a step back and ensure that all the major bases are covered. 

There are four major fundamentals each company must master prior to launching a text message marketing campaign. The first, and perhaps most important, is to understand the capabilities of the SMS function and to understand what text messages can and cannot do. 

First off, text bulk SMS messaging is designed to reach a substantial amount of people at once. Universal messaging can be quickly delivered to a large number of recipients. This blog has discussed this in the past, but it’s incredibly important to understand the concept of bulk messaging, which can significantly limit the amount of unnecessary work done from the sender side. 

However, it’s also worth noting what text messages can’t do – or, perhaps more specifically, what users don’t do with them. I’m confused When individuals receive a text, they will read it and they’ll respond to it or they won’t, but whatever they do with the message within the first 10 seconds of seeing it will likely be the totality of their actions. Most people probably won’t go back to a text – particularly one from a company and not a personal friend – at a later date and time to react to it. If a text message is ignored and sent to the user’s SMS database, it can be accessed again, but it probably won’t.

That’s why it’s vital to ensure text messages are sent in a way that they can be responded to quickly. Marketing consultancy Experian recently released a report stressing the importance of quick-response messaging.

“Design your message’s call to action for immediate response,” the report said.

Swift SMS Gateway can work with businesses to help them understand the basic principles of texting, which will ultimately benefit SMS marketing campaigns.