The Super Bowl is still nearly two weeks away, but marketing executives are already getting in on the action. We know the game itself will be riddled with high-priced television spots, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when you consider all the other marketing opportunities presented by the high-profile event.

Retailers of any sub-industry can capitalize on the game because people buy before Super Sunday. Standard purchases range from snacks and alcohol to furniture to television sets to NFL apparel. These next few weeks will be filled with consumers buying everything they need for an awesome Super Bowl party and spending their money to show support for their favorite team.

With so much buying commencing during Super Bowl season, savvy marketers must implement strategies that put their companies ahead of the competition. Text message marketing can serve as an effective way to promote products and generate big-game excitement.

For example, a text with clever wordplay such as “Score a touchdown with super savings for the Super Bowl” can let recipients know that the business sending them this message is current and that they aren’t relying on canned, outdated communication.

Companies can also capitalize on the fans of the game’s two participants. Referencing the 49ers in localized text messages to the San Francisco area will get fans pumped up. The same principle can apply with Baltimore and the Ravens.

Some of the major storylines of the game can also be referenced. The biggest one is the fact that Baltimore and San Francisco’s head coaches – John and Jim Harbaugh – are  brothers. Any company with brothers in its name can reference the Super Bowl coaches and tie it in to their own deals.

These are just a few of the opportunities marketers can take advantage of before the big game. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch effective SMS marketing campaigns.