As this blog has mentioned in the past, there are plenty of anti-SMS media pundits projecting the death of text messaging, simply because the modern smartphone contains a number of innovative applications and functions that would – at least on paper – diminish the value of the traditional text. However, not only should those engaging in text message marketing not be afraid of modern smartphone features, they should be embracing them.

The value of the text message is in its simplicity. That is still true, as text senders don’t have to construct elaborate messages to get their point across. However, the subtle addition of interactive content can go a long way for users on modern smartphones.

For example, suppose a mobile marketing message is sent with the intention to bring recipients to the company website. Sending a message that tells users to go on the site likely won’t be as effective, because by the time the recipient is at his or her computer they may not remember to go to that specific page. However, by sending a message to go to a website and linking that site’s URL in the text, all it takes is a simple click on the phone to enter the mobile web page.

An article in Business 2 Community lists the ways text message marketers can further engage their recipients, and adding integrating interactivity into the message is near the top of the list.

“Simply sending a standard bulk text message, while still effective is a massively wasted opportunity,” writes Brian Stephenson, the author of the article. “There are several things that can be done to enhance the value of an SMS marketing message but one of the most obvious is embedding web links within the text of the message.”

Swift SMS Gateway can offer the tools needed to enhance standard text messages to spur further engagement.